Video release and Soundsphere Mag competition

Two exciting announcements in one post? Will it be able to contain all the excitement? We’re willing to take the risk.

Teaser 3

Firstly, we are releasing our brand-spanking-new animated music video to You’re Not Like Me on 15/11/13. The guys at The Creative Condition have been slaving away down the animation mines for us to produce a video that’s dripping in sci-fi goodness and full to the brim with tasty tasty cyborgs. We can’t wait to show it off!

The second announcement is that we’ve teamed up with Soundsphere Magazine to run a competition where you can win a bunch of signed Digiswag! Head over to their site for details.

We hope all this exciting news hasn’t blown your robo-socks off. Brace yourself for another bit of exciting news very soon though. Watch this space!

More Than More Than Just An Ape Available To Stream

Our brand new remix album, ‘More Than More Than Just An Ape’, is now available to stream for free from the Armalyte Industries Bandcamp page!

Once you’ve heard listened, don’t forget the only way to get them for offline listening is directly from Armalyte or us – no shopping around required! Check out the Digistore to get your hands on the download card or the megabundle that includes it plus ‘More Than Just An Ape’ and a bunch of tasty tasty merch!

Try Before You Buy

Our new album, More Than Just An Ape, is available to stream from Spotify, Google Music and the Armalyte Bandcamp Page.

If you like what you hear, check out our hilariously cheap mega-bundle which contains More Than Just An Ape and its companion remix album More Than More Than Just An Ape as download cards plus some badges, a sticker and an awesome A3 poster, all for a tenner delivered! Get it HERE!

Ape Download Cards Added To Merch Store

We’ve updated our merch store to include download cards for More Than Just An Ape and More Than More Than Just An Ape for anyone who wants to help support us by buying direct (and get the album cheaper than just about anywhere else!)

We’d also like to draw your attention to this hilariously good deal: 10 quid(!) for both albums, some badges, a sticker and an A3 poster. Deal of the century? We’re gonna have to go with ‘yes’. Consider it a thank-you from us to all you awesome folks who support us!

Happy album release day!

Today is the official release date for More Than Just An Ape! You can now get the cd from most retailers or the digital version via iTunes and other music download services.  You can also get it direct from the label at or from us at gigs. Once you’ve heard it we’d love to hear what you think!

More Than More Than Just An Ape

Let me tell you about our companion remix album, ‘More Than More Than Just An Ape’! There’s several flavours of industrial rock, some ambient glitch, noisy soundscapes, a sprinkle of EBM, some massive electronic-djent, drum and bass, dubstep and speedcore! We’re going to have to get our musical crowbar out to cram it all onto one album! It will only be available as a download card which you will be able to buy from us at gigs or via the Armalyte Industries web store. It’s also available as part of the pre-order bundles at Have we mentioned the exclusive GLOW IN THE DARK T-shirt you can only get by pre-ordering? ;)