Album release update

The album has now been sent off for production so here’s some actual info about the release!

More Than Just An Ape will be officially released on August 12th. We’ve gone with three formats for this release:

Digital download via itunes and other such services – this version will be the full 11-track album

Digital download via dropcard – this version will also be the full 11-track album and will come as a plastic download card featuring our album artwork on one side an a URL and unique download code on the other. We will have these available to buy at gigs (or if you’re desperate to have one we will sort out putting some up on our merch store)

Super-awesome Double-CD extravaganza – this version will have the full 11-track album AND a remix album featuring remixes of tracks off our previous album ‘Without Freedom’. It will also come with an A3 poster and some stickers and maybe badges and whatever other goodies we can pull together. It will be available via and also via all good CD retailers.

We will soon be taking pre-orders at and we’re going to be putting together a special pre-order package that will include an EXCLUSIVE t-shirt featuring a glorious GLOW IN THE DARK print. This will only be available as part of the pre-order package and we won’t be making any more so make sure to snap it up while it’s available!

As if all of this isn’t exciting enough we’ve also got a separate remix album coming out featuring remixes of tracks off ‘More Than Just An Ape’. This will be available as digital download/dropcard only.

As a final note, our album release show is happening at Electrowerkz in London on August 10th. It’s shaping up to be a monster of a gig so you should get yourselves down to it if at all possible. We will also have copies of the new album available for sale on the merch stand in case you just can’t wait the extra 2 days! CLICK HERE for the Facebook event page.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the folks that have been helping us get this release together and also to our fans for supporting us! Special love to Armalyte Industries for ceaselessly working against even my best efforts to cause delays, complications and heart palpitations.

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