Behind the scenes #1 – The album is finished!

I started writing the new album in 2011, very shortly after finishing our previous album ‘Without Freedom’, which means that I’ve been working on it for pretty much 2 years. That is a hell of a long time to be working on one project but I’m glad I did it. I’ve been able to really work on making this album as good as I can possibly make it and I think it shows. At one point there were about 20 tracks written, with a few more half-finished ideas floating around; I took all of that and whittled it down into 11 tracks, incorporating good ideas into some of the already written tracks and mercilessly cutting out anything that wasn’t up to scratch. Nothing was sacred, nothing stayed in unless it was good enough to be there. I recorded and re-recorded vocal parts over and over until I had something I was happy with, then re-recorded them again until I had something I was¬†really¬†happy with. I listened to these songs until I was totally sick of them and then kept listening until I circled right back around to liking them again. If I never have to spend hours on end sat in this chair again, I will be a happy man:

Where the magic happens (or something like that...)

Where the magic happens (or something like that…)

(That last bit is a bit of a lie – I still love working on musical stuff and am in fact sat in that seat right now while writing this)

Anyway, the album has been sent off for mastering which means my musical input on it has finished. Time to sit back, relax and let success and money start rolling in.


There’s still a whole heap of work to do. The music is written and recorded but that’s not the end of the story – we’ve got to actually release it and we’ve got to promote it and there’s a hell of a lot of work involved in both of those things. I’m going to start posting here about the things we do behind the scenes to get this album out. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting or, if you’re in a band, maybe even useful. Expect the next post in the next few days, where I’ll get down to the real details of what we’re doing.

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