Behind the scenes #2 – Who are we and what do we do?

Before I continue chronicling our misadventures through the wonderful world of releasing an album, allow me to introduce our cast of characters. Here is a picture of us pulling our best ‘try and look mean’ faces.

I promise we're actually really friendly

I promise we’re actually really friendly

On the left is Matt, who we refer to on official band stuff as ‘Cell’. He is our live drummer and also owns and programs all the lights we sometimes use. He also helps me out when I have a brain fart and can’t figure out what note I should be singing.

On the right is also Matt, (which isn’t at all confusing) who we refer to on official band stuff as ‘Matt Bastard’. He is our live bassist and is surprisingly cheerful for someone with ‘Bastard’ in their name. He has also carried me home from many a drunken night in years gone by.

In the centre is Dan, which is me, but on official band stuff I’m ‘Danny Carnage’. I write and produce the music, play live guitar and do vocals. I also deal with most of our online stuff like this site and our Facebook page.

Incidentally, here’s a photo that shows how we took that promo shot up there:

Featuring my missus who took the photos for us

Featuring my missus who took the photos for us

That’s Matt Bastard’s living room with a white bed sheet and a couple of free-standing lights that I borrowed from work. Turned out pretty good don’t you think?

Last (but by no means least) is Gilez. He’s the label manager at Armalyte Industries and is an all-round top bloke. He signed us in 2010 and since then he’s supported us in any way he could. He graciously puts up with my hair-brained schemes and wall-of-text emails and doesn’t even get wound up when I ring him at stupid times and wake him up. He also once bought me breakfast at a Wetherspoons in London. Massive full-English. Shit was cash.

So that is the core (ha…) team. There are other people involved but I’ll talk about them when I go into more detail about their area of expertise.

Next time I’ll be writing about why mastering is important and those who practice its arcane rituals should be treated as GODS.


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