Digicore @ Alt-Fest

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve been confirmed to play at Alt-Fest in 2014!

Alt-fest is “a 3 day outdoor festival with 5 days of camping and market stalls. With multiple live music stages covering the genres of Goth, Industrial, EBM, Electronica and metal. The stages will be filled with bands you know and love. We’ll also have an up and coming stage, clubbing marquees hosted by clubs you also know and love and a circus big top and a massive variety of alternative performers from burlesque to fetish, comedy and beyond.”

Alt-fest is powered by the alt scene and its fans so do your part by spreading the word.

For more information, check out the Alt-Fest website

York’s DV8 Festival lineup announced – Digicore playing on Sat 17th July

We’ve had our slot on DV8fest confirmed. We’ll be playing on the Fibbers Freak Stage on Saturday 17th July.

The DV8 Festival is shaping up to be a must-go festival for anyone interested in Goth/industrial music. Highlights include Faderhead and Modulate – fankly it’s worth it just to see them. Check out the official website HERE for more info and full lineup.

General news round up: ‘Should have been making regular updates’ edition

My update-fu has been weak for many months so here’s some new content:

We’re booking gigs again -hooray! we’ve got a couple booked at the moment with a few more in the pipeline. If you want us to play at your venue/play with your band/play with ourselves please get in touch via the CONTACT PAGE.

We’re writing another album - We have 15 songs recorded and awaiting vocals. It’s possible that we’ll be releasing it before the end of the year.

We’ve added some new songs to the myspace – Including a preview of the new album called ‘The end of days’

We’re doing some good for charity – In association with Sphere webzine we’re running Industrial Action – a charity remix album. More info HERE

I may well be putting up a blog post or two so keep your eyes peeled.

R.I.P Cert

Cert 18 closed its doors just over a week ago now and we’ve all been in mourning. This throws a slight spanner in the works for our January Synaptic Decay with Caffeine Kill, Acid Tongue, and Snuff Fiction. As we do not wish York to be deprived of the best industrial talent the UK has to offer we’re working our hardest to find an alternative venue. As soon as we have info it will be posted here and also on the Myspace. But for now join my in 2 minutes of silent prayer for our poor departed venue…..

 Cert, Ye shall be missed.