More Than Just An Ape CD


Digicore – “More Than Just An Ape”
Release date – 12.08.13

This double-CD beast of a release features some seriously eye-catching artwork and includes More Than Just An Ape as well as a bonus disc containing remixes of tracks from Without Freedom done by a selection of awesome remixers. This is the only way you’ll get your hands on these remixes and it’s definitely worth it! You can get a sneak preview of one of the remixes here:

CD 1 – More Than Just An Ape

01. In To Ruin
02. You’re Not Like Me
03. Disconnected
04. The Great Devourer
05. I Will Not Be Afraid
06. Hell On Earth
07. Not One Of Us
08. I Don’t Belong Here
09. Flesh Is Weakness
10. I Hate What I Have Become
11. More Than Just An Ape

CD 2 – The Without Freedom Re-Mixes

01. Tear It Up (Rob Dust vs. Pharmaboy)
02. Where Were You (Paresis Remix)
03. Parasite (Host Remix by J. Phillips)
04. Chaos (Destroying Angel Remix by UCNX)
05. Obey (Danny Carnage Remix)
06. Without Freedom (Drugzilla Remix)
07. Obey (Petrol Bastard Remix)
08. Chaos (Limbogott Remix)
09. Obey (Pharmaboy vs. Rob Dust Remix)
10. We Will Protect You (Flesh Eating Foundation Remix)
11. Without Freedom (The Thirteenth Step Remix)

Price: £10.00
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