More Than Just An Ape Download Card

2013-08-17 12.53.27

Want to get hold of our latest album, More Than Just An Ape, in MP3 format along with some extra goodies? Get it from us as a download card and we’ll include some badges and a sticker, plus you get the card itself which features some kickass artwork!

Each card has a unique code on the back that allows you to download the album as high-quality MP3s.

Track listing:

01. In To Ruin
02. You’re Not Like Me
03. Disconnected
04. The Great Devourer
05. I Will Not Be Afraid
06. Hell On Earth
07. Not One Of Us
08. I Don’t Belong Here
09. Flesh Is Weakness
10. I Hate What I Have Become
11. More Than Just An Ape


Price: £6.00
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