General news round up: ‘Should have been making regular updates’ edition

My update-fu has been weak for many months so here’s some new content:

We’re booking gigs again -hooray! we’ve got a couple booked at the moment with a few more in the pipeline. If you want us to play at your venue/play with your band/play with ourselves please get in touch via the CONTACT PAGE.

We’re writing another album - We have 15 songs recorded and awaiting vocals. It’s possible that we’ll be releasing it before the end of the year.

We’ve added some new songs to the myspace – Including a preview of the new album called ‘The end of days’

We’re doing some good for charity – In association with Sphere webzine we’re running Industrial Action – a charity remix album. More info HERE

I may well be putting up a blog post or two so keep your eyes peeled.

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