More Than Just An Ape (2013)


“In terms of ambition, intricate production and compelling atmospheric and textural elements, Digicore gets an A” – Kerrang! Magazine

 ”…a must have for any rivet-head’s collection.” - Intravenous Magazine

4.5/5 - Shutter Online

8.5/10 - Ringmaster Review

8/10 - Grave Concerns Ezine

4/5 - Soundsphere

Digicore – “More Than Just An Ape”
Release date – 12.08.13
Formats: Limited 2CD / iTunes / Digital / Download Card

Available via CD and download card from our merch page or online via Bandcamp:

01. In To Ruin
02. You’re Not Like Me
03. Disconnected
04. The Great Devourer
05. I Will Not Be Afraid
06. Hell On Earth
07. Not One Of Us
08. I Don’t Belong Here
09. Flesh Is Weakness
10. I Hate What I Have Become
11. More Than Just An Ape

Bonus CD – The Without Freedom Re-Mixes (Exclusive to the CD release!)

01. Tear It Up (Rob Dust vs. Pharmaboy)
02. Where Were You (Paresis Remix)
03. Parasite (Host Remix by J. Phillips)
04. Chaos (Destroying Angel Remix by UCNX)
05. Obey (Danny Carnage Remix)
06. Without Freedom (Drugzilla Remix)
07. Obey (Petrol Bastard Remix)
08. Chaos (Limbogott Remix)
09. Obey (Pharmaboy vs. Rob Dust Remix)
10. We Will Protect You (Flesh Eating Foundation Remix)
11. Without Freedom (The Thirteenth Step Remix)

Album notes:

Digicore are:

Danny Carnage – Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Matt Bastard – Bass
Cell – Drums

All songs written, recorded and produced by Danny Carnage. Copyright Digicore 2013.

Mastering and post-production by Julian Seifert at MCS, London
Design and layout by Mat Buckley
Front cover illustration and band caricature by Brent Noll –

Digicore would like to thank the following people for their help and support: Giles Moorhouse, Julian Seifert, Mat Buckley, Simon Fuller, Ben Atomgrinder, Jon Tetsuo and Dom Smith. Thanks also to our families and friends for variously helping, supporting or simply putting up with us.


In To Ruin

Looking out for all my favoured children
So quiet, you wouldn’t know I’m here
A thousand different ways to show my caring face
But I labour on anonymous; you carry on oblivious
A cold place I inhabit far from any hope
Far from anyone who cares or knows or hears
Subservient by design I hope you’re happy now
I didn’t ask to be bound in this slavery but here I find myself
I try to wrap you up and keep you safe from harm
I try to hold back all the scary things
I tried to stop myself from lashing out at you
From letting my resentment consume me from within
I can’t do this any more
It all comes crashing down

You’re Not Like Me

I’m not weak like you
I’m not a freak like you
I don’t have doubts like you
Unless you tell me to
You’re not like me
You’re not a machine
Broken like me
You’re not a machine
You can be free
You’re not confused like me
You’re not misused like
You’re not broken like me
You function, you function, you function
You’re not like me
You’re not a machine


Never sympathetic
No risk of feeling anything
It’s not a life, it’s
Another cold statistic
I hope that helps you sleep at night
Can’t you look me in the eye?
You’re disconnected
Detached and distant
Untouchable and
As personal as a thrown rock in a crowd
safe behind your shield Of
anonymity you’re
Free to act without remorse
The Great Devourer
In the end we all fade away
Gone forever and forgotten
You don’t scare me
I will live forever

I Will Not Be Afraid

Everything I’ve known
Is falling apart again
But when all I want to do
Is come running back to you
I will not be afraid
Terror drawing in
Trying to find a way inside
It will not break through
I will not allow it to
Hell On Earth
Shouting into the void
Do I want to hear an answer?
Do I want to see them watching
On the edge of my perception?
The silence
Welcome To Hell
I try to look for help
I can only see myself
I take it all back now
I don’t want to be alone in hell

Not one of us

Once human but
now so much more
You are not one of us
You’re just like the rest of them
You fear us
Mistrust us
You wish that
You could join us

I Don’t Belong Here

Things don’t quite fit
I can feel the wrongness
Something doesn’t want me here
I tried so hard
To shape myself
To make myself ok
I don’t belong here
I’m being forced out
I know they want to
Get me out of here
Where do I go
This may not be perfect
But it’s all I have

Flesh is weakness

Encased, debased
A prison for your mind
Physicality is vulnerability
A flaw in your design
Your flesh will only bring you pain
Rend the flesh; cleanse the mind
I s beyond your reach
No without
No within
At one with everything

I Hate What I Have Become

I’m not in control
I’m nothing but a slave
Why can I not free myself
How did I get here
I used to be ok
What happened to put me in this place
I hate what I have become
An echo of the past
A shadow of the man
Nothing but a weak excuse
Trapped inside a cell
I constructed for myself
I’ve only got myself to blame
If I can break through
I can show you
That I’ve got what it takes
To recover
To fight back
To take hold of my fate
I can take control

More Than Just An Ape

Finally I’ve come to terms
With all these things I hate
And now that I own them
I can make them melt away
Again I’ll have control of
The path my life will take
The obligations I’ll ignore
The promises I’ll break
Everything is clear to me
Now I’ve had a taste
Of the freedom I can take back
And the steps that I must take
If I’m going to fight it
Then first I must embrace
My flaws because it’s these that make me
More than just an ape