Facebook giveaway

We are running a giveaway on our Facebook page!

Here’s a quote from the page to let you know how it works:

“Share our page and statuses with your friends for a chance to win FREE STUFF! When we hit 500 likes we will randomly pick 5 people who like our page and send each of those people either a copy of Without Freedom on CD or a Without Freedom T-shirt – their choice. Then we will pick one name at random from all the people who have shared our statuses starting from this one (shares on statuses posted before this one won’t count!) and send that person a T-shirt AND a CD! Each status you share will get your name put in the draw again and give you a better chance of winning! Hooray!”

So if you want to win free Digicore stuff, head to our Facebook page now and start sharing!

Digicore @ Alt-Fest

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve been confirmed to play at Alt-Fest in 2014!

Alt-fest is “a 3 day outdoor festival with 5 days of camping and market stalls. With multiple live music stages covering the genres of Goth, Industrial, EBM, Electronica and metal. The stages will be filled with bands you know and love. We’ll also have an up and coming stage, clubbing marquees hosted by clubs you also know and love and a circus big top and a massive variety of alternative performers from burlesque to fetish, comedy and beyond.”

Alt-fest is powered by the alt scene and its fans so do your part by spreading the word.

For more information, check out the Alt-Fest website

New show added

We’ve confirmed our first show of 2013 at Royal Park Cellars in Leeds on March 29th. Support comes from Electroslav, Yudlugar, Systemyk and one more TBA. We’ll be playing a load of new material so come down and get a taster of what’s going on with the next album.

There are more shows in the works so watch this space!

News roundup 2012 (“why the fuck do we even have a blog page if we never update it?” edition)

S-73 has stepped down from guitar duty. We’ve had a lot of fun playing together and we wish him all the best.

We’ve been rehearsing with our new lineup and everything seems to be going well. We’re currently booking gigs for 2013 and hope to have some to announce soon. If you would like to book us, use the form on the contact page

The new album is being worked on and should see the light of day some time next year. We also have something special to tease you with in the meantime – watch this space for more info.

We still have some T-shirts left – head to the merch page and GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY.

Oh shit son

Once again regular updates have fallen to the assailant commonly known as ‘cack-handedness when it comes to keeping the website updated’. Insert usual ‘I’ll get my shit together from now on’ promise.

After the album release and Incineratour we’re now working on a couple of projects which should hopefully be cool as something which is very cool indeed – more details when we can sneak them past our benevolent overlord at Armalyte HQ. Suffice to say that one of them rhymes with ‘zthe znext zalbum’.

Anyone with more than a vague interest can find some sneak previews as well as slightly more regular updates over at our Facebook page.